Book Promo

Book promotion is the key to launching a new title successfully.

Whether you’re aiming to drive preorders or to build buzz and brand awareness for
future sales, we’ve got you covered with digital assets – fully tailored to your unique
audience, budget, and personal preferences. How do we do that? Case study below.

book launch

Launched in April 2023, I Kick and I Fly is the inspiring story of a fourteen-year-old girl who learns that her body isn’t an object to be preyed upon but rather a vessel to free herself.

By creating a dedicated website for the book and supporting with outreach tools and strategy, we supported author Ruchira Gupta in bringing impact to this debut fiction novel.

Unique tools

To promote sales in educational settings, we created interactive digital quizzes for each chapter of the book.

Scaling was further enhanced by building an online resource page for teachers.

We were honored to support author Ruchira Gupta with targeted digital assets
for I Kick and I Fly: a bestseller with strong social impact.

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